City Girls Submit Their Song Of The Summer Entry With The Club-Ready ‘Twerkulator’

There’s been talk going around on social media about the lack of “song of the summer” entries this year. For what it’s worth, this is most likely because of the slowly reopening world and artists choosing to hold on to potential entries for the perfect moment, whenever that might be. However, the shutdown that lasted more than fifteen months is slowly coming to an official end and the hottest days of summer are just around the corner. With that being said, it seems like City Girls have arrived with a surefire summer anthem thanks to their newly-released track “Twerkulator.”

The track is one that fans of the rap duo have requested for quite some time. The single was originally supposed to appear on the duo’s last album, City On Lock, but the project was leaked before City Girls could complete and promote it as they would’ve liked. A snippet of the song arrived eventually on social media earlier this year and it quickly made supporters excited for its release.

Unfortunately, Yung Miami revealed “Twerkulator,” which samples Afrika Bambaataa and Soulsonic Force’s “Planet Rock,” would not be released because the duo failed to attain a sample clearance. This served as disappointing news for many but less than two months later, City Girls returned with a fantastic announcement earlier this week as they revealed the track would arrive in just a few days.

Its uptempo production sits right in the pocket that houses some of the City Girls’ best work.

You can enjoy the new track above.