City Girls’ JT Faces Heavy Backlash After She Apparently Blocked A Fan On Twitter With Cancer

City Girls’ JT hasn’t had the best of experiences on Twitter over the past few months. On Saturday, she once again found herself in some controversy on the social media app. It came as a result of an interaction with a fan, Shaddai Randolph, who reach out to the rapper in hopes of speaking with her as she continues her fight against cancer.

“Hey JT sorry to bother u I know I’ve said this b4 but I’m a fan of urs & I think ur amazing & funny,” Randolph said. “Seeing u help me keeps my spirits up when I’m in pain. Im dying & have cancer. You said u would DM me but never did. I still would like facetime u for 5mins if possible Luv u.”

Some people on Twitter caught wind of Randolph’s tweet and tried to boost it in hopes that it would catch JT’s attention. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The fan revealed soon after that the City Girls rapper had blocked her instead. “She blocked me y’all won,” she said. “Y’all [keep sending] me death messages and [sending] me emails to die on my go fund me or to my mother. Y’all won I get it.”

Afterward, many began to question JT’s decision to block Randolph, but according to the rapper, it was all a misunderstanding.

“Omg y’all lie too bad on here & it gotta be a spam account,” she said to begin a string of now-deleted tweets. “ima call now to really find out cause ughn ughn.” After one of her followers said they also believed Randolph was a bot, JT added, “Me too. Ima just pray for her that’s stronger than a phone call.” Despite this, the attacks against her continued to rain in, causing her to return shots against her critics in a string of tweets before deciding to delete her Twitter page.

“THAT WAS A MISUNDERSTANDING BUT FOREAL NOW ITS F*CK YALL,” she said. “I almost went live to explain myself & I remembered I don’t owe y’all sh*t I didn’t even do sh*t just making up sh*t Go ahead. I followed her back & everything wtf …. before I could actually get to call she was spamming me I went through her page & thought it was fake!” She added, I gotta be getting bigger the hate coming from all angles no matter how it all goes down I’ll always win!!!!!”

You can check out screenshots of the tweets above.