City Girls Claim Male Rappers Are Threatened By Female Rappers ‘Doing It Themselves’

Just like the many women thriving in the rap game today, City Girls have had a strong 2020. After member JT’s release from prison, the pair quickly reconnected with Yung Miami to work on their third album, but the project was unfortunately leaked before thy could complete it. Despite the leak, the pair uploaded the album, City On Lock, to streaming services and it’s been well-received by fans. Still riding high off its release, the duo stopped by The Breakfast Club to share their thoughts on hip-hop’s current state. When asked about why men feel a certain way about lyrics coming from women, they had some thoughts.

“Men is just threatened by the women dominating right now, because they are used to being in control of putting women on records,” JT replied. “Now women are starting to team up and do it without them. Now they got so much to say, because back then you had to get on a hot song with a man to go No. 1 or even chart, but now women are doing it themselves.”

Yung Miami chimed in, saying, “I say shut the f*ck up, period. Like just shut up.” She added, “They’ve been talking about this for years for decades, so why is this a problem now.”

You can watch the full interview with City Girls and The Breakfast Club above.