Coi Leray Plots A Collaboration With Pusha T To Appeal To Hip-Hop ‘Dinosaurs’ Who Don’t Like Her Music

Of all the rap artists currently preparing to release new projects, the ones hip-hop fans might most be surprised to see collaborate would almost certainly be Coi Leray and Pusha T. They couldn’t be any more different if they tried; Coi Leray’s art for the upcoming Trendsetter is as bright and colorful as songs like “Blick Blick,” while Pusha T is pushing his forthcoming album It’s Almost Dry with dark, gritty fare such as “Diet Coke” and “Neck And Wrist.”

But after her appearance on New York City’s The Breakfast Club to promote Trendsetter, Coi says she’s planning to hunt down and work with the more serious-minded elder rapper after being told by the show’s hosts that her music isn’t for them. After Charlamagne the God told her, “I’m 43, I don’t think your music’s for me,” Coi called the hosts “dinosaurs” and joked that while she doesn’t listen to Pusha T herself, she’s more than willing to try to blend their audiences with a collaboration.

“Pusha-T, don’t hate me because I love you, but he’s stuck on you, Pusha-T,” she said. “And now I’m about to come collab with you, and we’re gonna go crazy.”

Watch Coi Leray’s full interview with The Breakfast Club above.