A Comedian’s Annual Tribute To Earth, Wind And Fire’s ‘September’ Included A Mariachi Band

September 21 marks the unofficial musical holiday for Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1978 hit song, “September,” and comedian and contributing writer to The Good Place and The Late Late Show, Demi Adejuyigbe, never misses an opportunity to pay an esoteric tribute to the song.

Every September 21 since 2016 the comedian, who goes by electrolemon on Twitter, creates an elaborate video with a slightly edited version of Earth Wind & Fire’s iconic track “September.”

If you’ve never seen the original, it’s certainly worth a look.

As the years go on the song gets a bit more edited and the production gets a bit more complex. This year’s tribute opens with a shot of a calendar with the 21st day circled. Adejuyigbe emerges from his refrigerator, which has block letters reading, “Do you remember?” Adejuyigbe dances around his apartment as he points out other tributes to both September and the 21st. The camera eventually pauses on the television. The screen shows an old-school video of Earth, Wind, & Fire performing “September” live, but the comedian edited the video to show himself dancing in the picture’s background.

Each year, Adejuyigbe sports a t-shirt, which simply reads “September 21” on the front. This year a link is provided at the end of the video to purchase the same t-shirt, which goes to a good cause. This year, 100% of t-shirt proceeds will go to the Climate Mobilization Project.

The tributes have been getting more and more complex each year. 2018’s “September” tribute featured a children’s choir and lots of confetti. This year’s saw a mariachi band and, again, lots of confetti. But since the entirety of this year’s video takes place in Adejuyigbe’s apartment, there’s sure to be a much more extensive clean-up process.

Watch Demi Adejuyigbe’s latest tribute to Earth Wind & Fire’s ‘September’ above.