Common Lays Out An Optimistic Vision Of The Future In His Carefree ‘Imagine’ Video

After a year and a half of lockdown, Common is ready to reenter the world with a new perspective. Following up on the release of his 2020 album A Beautiful Revolution Pt 1, Common looks forward to a brighter future with his inspiring “Imagine” video featuring LA-based singer PJ.

Directed by Emmanuel Afolabi, the visual was filmed as LA began to lift lockdown restrictions across the city. It sees Common hitting the streets in his community, meeting with fans and preaching the importance of connecting to one another.

About the track, Common said he wrote the song during a difficult time, so he wrote the song to serve as inspiration for making it through:

“I wrote ‘Imagine’ at a time when we were all going through a lot. But something kept telling me to focus on the good and the things I wanted to see in the world. For me, music is one of the things that gives me hope and happiness throughout these times, whether I am creating it or listening to it. So I wanted ‘Imagine’ to create that feeling of how you can play a song and feel inspired. How a song can make you move and also move your spirit. Essentially, I want us all to feel like days are getting better and that great times are ours for the taking. And the first step in feeling that way is imagining it.”

Listen to Common’s “Imagine” above.