A Social Distancing Concert In Arkansas Is Getting Shut Down By The State’s Governor

A week ago, a concert venue in Arkansas, TempleLive, declared its intention to host a concert by Bishop Gunn frontperson Travis McCready. Although the event organizers had planned social distancing measures to be put in place, the show still raised some eyebrows due to when it was scheduled: The concert was set to take place on May 15, which is before the state had cleared live music to take place once again on May 18. So, the governor has shut the show down, as Little Rock’s Fox 16 reports.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Governor Asa Hutchinson revealed that the Arkansas Department Of Health has issued a cease and desist order against the venue, citing several issues with the performance as planned. Aside from the premature date, the show was set to have 229 people in attendance, even though a state directive only permits audiences of up to 50 members.

Ultimately, Hutchinson said, “In terms of the concert, there will be a cease and desist order that will be issued by the Department Of Health directing that that concert not take place, which is an official legal order and directive that will go out.”

When announcing the show, TempleLive laid out a series of social distancing protocols, writing, “Venue will be sanitized by independent third party prior to each event via fog sprayers. Masks will be required by all attendees and employees. […] 6 feet of separation from all seating groups or fan pods. 10 person limit in all restrooms. […] Temperatures of attendees to be taken at entry points.”

As of this post, the event page for the show is still live on the TempleLive website, and tickets are still available for purchase on Ticketmaster.

Watch Hutchinson’s statement above, beginning at about 23 minutes into the video.

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