Conway And Westside Gunn’s ‘Lobos’ Is ‘Too Grimy For The Blogs’

For every Lil and Yung that old heads complain about, there is a hungry young MC spitting his heart out hoping someone will listen. On their latest track “Lobos,” Buffalo, NY natives Conway the Machine and Westside Gunn spin vivid back and forth street narratives that would make Rae and Ghost proud over somber production by longtime collaborator Daringer.

For all those hip-hop fans who wish hip-hop was more lyrical and less silly, more bars and less mumbles, and more samples and less preset sounds, your heroes have arrived. Of course, unlike some fans, the western New York duo haven’t spent a lot of time whining in interviews about the state of hip-hop. They’ve just put their heads down and made the lyric-driven, sample heavy, gritty music that they grew up on, whether or not anyone else follows suit.Fans of this style of music should spend less time complaining, and more time touting the MCs carry the torch forward.

And they have gained a strong following that grows every day, especially since both Conway and Gunn are constantly dropping new music.The Griselda Boys are working, with several projects set to drop before the year’s end. In the meantime, check out Griselda Records’ Don’t Get Scared Now EP and Westside Gunn’s latest EP There’s God And There’s FlyGod, Praise Both