Cozz Battles Back Against ‘Demons N Distractions’ In His Disorienting New Video

Casual rap fans sometimes forget that Dreamville is more than just a name-brand to push J. Cole. I mean, it is that, but it’s much more too. The label is home to a collection of some of the most exciting spitters in the game today, including the L.A.-based up and comer Cozz, who signed to Dreamville back in 2014. Late, last month, Cozz put out his second album with the label, Effected, which not only featured a guest verse from his boss Cole, but also got a Kendrick Lamar feature on the song “Hustla’s Story,” garnering some major acclaim along the way.

Pushing his momentum, today Cozz has pulled the curtain off his latest visual from his most recent record, a trippy video for the song “Demons And Distractions.” Directed by Darius Turbak, the video is a psychedelic presentation in a day in the life of Cozz. The camera whirrs around him in a never-ending spiral, as he unloads about all the things that get in the way of his process. “Don’t you call me when I’m workin’, I’ma keep ignorin’,” he warns. “And now my ringtone’s in this take, you really gettin’ annoyin’ / And let your boy enjoy this while you keep on tryna spoil this / I need peace, no noises, I need peace, no noises.”

You can watch Cozz’s “Demons N Distractions” video above.