Cupcakke Accuses A Pop Star Of Being Racist And People Think She’s Talking About Camila Cabello

The sex-positive Chicago rapper Cupcakke is known for making NSFW music and unabashedly sharing her transgressive thoughts. This time, she’s directing her aim at pop music. Cupcakke took to Twitter to call a pop star racist but didn’t reveal the singer’s name. Now, people are putting the hints together and some think she’s taking a jab at Camila Cabello.

Cupcakke started a Twitter debate after tweeting that one of pop music’s current stars is “racist,” but everyone has known for some time. “Your ‘fav’ that use to be in that lil pop group is racist but WBK,” she wrote.

The rapper then dropped another vague hint.

Cupcakke then said she slept with a pop star’s boyfriend “on purpose,” then called the singer racist.

People in the comments took Cupcakke’s hints and immediately jumped at Camila Cabello. For one, Cabello was a part of the pop group Fifth Harmony before the group fell apart in favor of solo careers. One twitter user documented several instances that put Cabello in a bad light. A screenshot shared shows Cabello calling her fellow Fifth Harmony member Normani the n-word. Normani has publically spoken out about racism she’s faced during her career, but others are saying the shared screenshots are doctored.

Others quickly came to Cabello’s defense, saying the screenshots are fake because Camila’s real name is Karla. Cupcakke has neither confirmed or denied any of the speculations about her tweets. But the rapper is known as someone who likes to stir the pot, and she’s succeeded.