DaBaby’s New Video For ‘Giving What It’s Supposed To Give’ Draws Fire In The Wake Of His Rolling Loud Controversy

The controversy surrounding DaBaby’s homophobic and misinformed comments from his Miami Rolling Loud set just wouldn’t be complete without the release of some new music, would it? The Charlotte rapper doesn’t disappoint, releasing the new video for his song, “Giving What It’s Supposed To Give.” Apparently filmed the day before the controversial set, the video is already drawing attention and criticism for making references to AIDS and oral sex, the two topics for which he’s been under fire for the last three days.

The video is a wild, abstract jumble of vignettes playing off of his raunchy lyrics and is obviously meant to be played for humorous effect, but honestly, I’m not entirely sure that it wouldn’t have gotten a chilly reception from some of the imagery even without the Rolling Loud controversy. With it, the scene in question, which features DaBaby holding up a sign that says “AIDS” before shooting two arguing men as he raps “we like AIDS, I’m on your ass,” seems grotesque and in poor taste.

He couldn’t be happier, gleefully sharing the link to the video on Instagram with the caption: “It never seizes to amaze me the way God puts me in situations I’m already equipped to handle. Enjoy.” Skating over the part where the correct phrase should be “it never ceases to amaze me,” it does seem as if the seriousness of his offense is lost on him. It looks like he really thinks he’s just teasing, it’s all in good fun, and people are being wet blankets for pointing out the real-life harm that has come to people over comments like his — often by people espousing the same rhetoric. (Someone should also probably point out how “giving what it’s supposed to give” as slang was hijacked wholesale from drag culture, but it won’t be me).

That hasn’t stopped fans from pointing out the discrepancy between his words and actions on Twitter, criticizing him for deciding to double down instead of re-shooting/recording the video/song.



Watch DaBaby’s “Giving What’s Supposed To Give” video above.