DaBaby And Offset Throw Monopoly Money And Act Like Children For The Hilarious ‘Baby Sitter’ Video

DaBaby has made it a point to bring comedy back into rap and it’s actually quite refreshing. While he chose the comedic route for the “Mini Van” video with Blocboy JB, this video takes the cake and I mean that in the most juvenile, steal the cake out of the fridge when nobody’s watching type of way.

DaBaby teamed up with Offset to create a video for their hit and it opens with a message on screen telling you that it was filmed in front of a live studio audience. Following this, a screen with the words “The Fresh Princes Of Beverly Hills” pops up. Clearly, they were going for a ’90s sitcom vibe here. The first scene opens up to DaBaby and Offset sitting down on the couch with a host of toys, monopoly money, blocks, and games on the table. A man turns around, who is playing their dad, and tells them that he’s sick of having to take care of them and that he’s hiring a baby sitter.

His rules were simple for how the duo should conduct themselves: the first is not to steal their dad’s Hennessy. The second was to not smoke weed. The third was to stay away and not sleep with their baby sitter — I guess that last point was a major issue for these two. Tune in to the video because it’s pure comedy and the dad’s acting, mixed with cuts of Offset playing with action figures, is honestly what makes it so great.