Daniel Caesar Berated Black People In A Drunken Rant And Now Fans Are Calling Him ‘Canceled’

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R&B singer Daniel Caesar was the butt of a homophobic joke from Dave Chappelle just last week, but it looks like he may have burned whatever traces of sympathy he may have gotten from his audience. During a live chat on Instagram Tuesday night (March 19), the “Freudian” singer ranted about the perceived shortcomings of his Black audience, including accusations of “playing the victim” and defending controversial party host YesJulz.

“Why are we being so mean to Julz?” he asked. “Why are we being so mean to white people?” He continued to share his opinion that Black people are “rude and disrespectful to everyone else” but are sensitive when that energy is returned. He referenced the prior incident with Chappelle, saying he “had to acknowledge that I was being f*cking sensitive and I need to be able to joke just like everybody else.” He said that “all I want is love,” saying that being “sensitive” or “offended” doesn’t help and that he is unafraid of being “canceled.”

The video is apparently a response to a recent backlash against YesJulz — yes, another one — after she name-dropped two female Black entrepreneurs during an interview in a way that was perceived as disrespectful. Calling out influencers Scottie Beam and Karen Civil, she tried to defend herself from accusations of being a “culture vulture” for her hosting duties and position within the Miami hip-hop community.

What resulted was a days-long drag-fest, as users on Twitter rose to the defense of the popular Black entrepreneurs, again lobbing accusations of cultural appropriation and racism at Julz, who has a history of commenting on her antagonistic relationship with Black women, attributing it to their jealousy over her popularity with Black men. Adding to the backlash was a January Instagram video of Julz performing a rap for Soulja Boy that doubled down on her prior comments, making generalizations about Black women many deemed problematic, such as “Because my ass is fat and my skin ain’t black / I’m the vulture that you’re huntin’ / Yet they never do nothing, they never give back / They keep killing blacks.”

When Caesar tried to corroborate those statements and defend Julz, fans on Twitter let him have it too, saying “So Daniel Caesar just got canceled” and joking that he’d entered the Sunken Place — an evergreen insult for offenders like Caesar and Kanye, who have criticized Black fans with stereotypes that flattened complex issues and promoted harmful narratives that justify unequal treatment at the hands of the government and other vigilantes. Caesar may insist that he doesn’t care if he’s canceled at the moment, but considering that he only has the one album, compared to Kanye’s decade-plus of beloved hits and even Kanye backed off his political agenda, he may come to regret his statements sooner or later. For more responses from the Twitter outrage brigade, see below.