Danny Brown Covers Korn’s ‘Freak On A Leash’ At His Red Bull SoundClash With Rico Nasty

On Wednesday night, Red Bull’s SoundClash returned in Chicago with Detroit rapper Danny Brown and DMV punk Rico Nasty, and the results were apparently quite entertaining, with both artists bringing surprises and nostalgic shenanigans to the stage during one of the event’s curveball rounds. The cover round found them challenged to cover other artists’ songs, with both going to a pair of the defining hits of their respective generations.

While Rico played Chief Keef’s seminal, floor-destroying hit “Faneto” — a Gen-Z fave that helped make Chief Keef one of his cohort’s anchor artists (I defy you to find a rapper under 25 who doesn’t have a least a little of Keef in their music) and an appropriate selection for the equally rage-ridden Rico — Danny Brown flipped the script with the millennial nu-metal headbanger “Freak On A Leash” by genre-mashing thrash band Korn. The scatting part at the end of the song is performed by someone who looks a lot like the band’s frontman Jonathan Davis, which turns the energy in the venue up to a whole new level.

The moment was a perfect example of Brown’s wide-ranging tastes and talents, which he previously showcased when he performed his first-ever standup comedy set opening for Hannibal Buress in September. Perhaps we’ll hear him do a little more singing on his upcoming album, 40, as well. Meanwhile, it was also great seeing Rico performing once again for appreciative crowds after she dealt with a negative response on the Playboi Carti tour.