Dave Chappelle And Questlove Spoke About Prince’s Legacy For Tidal’s ‘In Praise Of Prince’ Interview Series

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Following the posthumous release of Prince‘s new album Originals, Tidal has released a new playlist of interviews with close friends, collaborators, and celebrity admirers discussing the legendary singer’s legacy. Actor and comedian Dave Chappelle, The Roots’ Questlove, CNN contributor Van Jones, and more shared their thoughts on how Prince’s groundbreaking career inspired them.

Most of us weren’t lucky enough to be Prince’s personal friend, but it’s moving to hear those who were close to him speak of what he was like as a person. “One thing I really loved about Prince is that he had a real dope concept of community,” Chappelle said. “You know LA is cliquish, it’s this, that, but somehow this guy just broke through all this bullsh*t and let people feel like artists.”

“He pushed so many boundaries as far as showing vulnerabilities,” Questlove said. “I mean, men can show feelings too without it being seen as weak. He wasn’t duplicitous, I thought it was triplicitous the fact that he could show his human side.”

The Tidal playlist features 17 exclusive interviews with some of the famous folks Prince inspired. His kindness, innovation, and sexy grooves changed the music industry forever, and the playlist is a reminder of how far-reaching his impact is.

Check out the “In Praise Of Prince” playlist below.

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