Watch Dave Chappelle Sing Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ At Erykah Badu’s Birthday Party

Dave Chappelle has been in the news a bit recently, albeit for unfortunate reasons, what with his connections to Prince. However, before that, he popped up for much more positive reasons, as there were murmurings on the internet that he had done a karaoke performance of “Creep” by Radiohead at a Portland strip club. All we had, though, was a rumor. Now, though, we have visual proof of Chappelle singing “Creep,” although it’s not in a strip club.

Video has surfaced of Chappelle singing Radiohead’s first big hit at Erykah Badu’s 45th birthday party back in February. Just based on this one, short video, it seems like it was a pretty crazy, elaborate event. Chappelle, flanked by Badu in a garish hat, is surrounded by microphones and instruments and people and cameras. It is in this swirling chaos that Chappelle, in the center of it all, sings “Creep.”

Naturally, a lot of people join along, and even Badu puts a microphone to her lips, but Chappelle is the center of attention, and not just because he’s all muscular now and he’s wearing a tank top. As for his singing acumen… well, he sounds like Dave Chappelle doing a karaoke version of “Creep,” which is probably all we should have expected. We can now say we’ve seen Dave Chappelle sing “Creep.” Let’s not get greedy.

(Via Pitchfork)