TDE President Throws Shot Back At Lupe Fiasco For Accusing Kendrick Lamar Of Biting His Artwork

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Last week, Lupe Fiasco took to Twitter to air some grievances. That’s nothing new for the talented lyricist, but his target this time was Kendrick Lamar. Lupe accused Kendrick of continuously “borrowing” inspiration from him, from album covers to album concepts. The catalyst for those recent tweets was the perceived similarity between the cover for his upcoming Drogas Wave album and the cover art for Kendrick and SZA’s “All The Stars” collaboration from the Black Panther soundtrack.

TDE President Dave Free offered Lupe a curt hilarious response Sunday by suggesting the rhymer “kick & push himself into a tree.”

While there is a resemblance between the covers, Lupe didn’t even unveil his cover until Friday. There’s a chance the art may have circulated behind the scenes, but it seems unlikely. That’s why few fans bought the biting allegations, which may be why Lupe deleted his tweets — but he had already done too much by even posting them.

Not only did he accuse Kendrick of biting, he suggested that the LA rhymer wasn’t a “top tier” lyricist and said that his infamous “Control” verse was “wack,” which further fanned the flames. Free’s response to Lupe’s tweet means that they caught TDE’s radar and may have struck a nerve. Time will tell if Kendrick decides to respond to Lupe on his own, specifically in the manner in which he’s best at: With bars. Check out a couple of Lupe’s now-deleted instigating tweets below.