A Brief History Of 15 Times Dave Grohl Proved To Be The Coolest

At this point, there’s a pretty solid chance you’re aware what happened to Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl on Friday night. If you don’t know, I’d first like to introduce you to Twitter, but anyway: Two songs into the band’s set at Ullevi Stadium in Sweden, Grohl broke his leg after jumping off the stage. He was carted off, only to eventually return and finish the show.

Dave Grohl did this because he is an amazing human being. Dave Grohl did this because he’s become the personification of rock ‘n roll. Dave Grohl did this because he’s Dave Grohl, and of course Dave Grohl would do something like this, but surprise no one because he’s Dave Grohl and Dave Grohl routinely does awesome Dave Grohl things.

The Sweden incident is just the latest example of Grohl flat-out capturing our hearts. In fact, there are so many occurrences of Grohl doing something that makes us love him even more that we’ve coined a term for it: Grohl-cidents. Recent Grohl-cidents include bringing a young fan on stage to sing a song and then bringing another young fan on stage at a different show, helping cross an item off of cancer patients’ bucket list, professing his love for Taylor Swift (Grohl is one of us), a letter being circulated that a 14-year-old Grohl wrote to Minor Threat frontman Ian MacKaye, and producing the fantastic HBO miniseries Sonic Highways.

Digging deeper, we complied a list of 15 other Grohl-cidents we love. These aren’t ranked; there’s no rhyme or reason to the order of this list. We have to imagine that’s not how Dave would do it, so that’s not how we’re going to do it.

Dave Grohl Makes A Documentary

In 2012, the Grohl-helmed and -driven documentary, Sound City, was released. The documentary told the story of Sound City studios, the legendary, albeit slightly infamous space in Van Nuys, Calif. where Nirvana recorded Nevermind. Tom Petty recorded there. So did Rage Against the Machine, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young and many more. The studio closed in 2011, and Grohl ended up buying a lot of the studio’s equipment, including its famous Neve 8028 analog mixing console. Feeling that the story of the console and Sound City as a whole needed to be told, Grohl set out to make his first documentary, which comes across as a heart-felt love letter to both the studio and music in general.