Dave Grohl Fell Off The Stage At Foo Fighters’ First Show Of 2019 And Didn’t Break His Leg This Time

Getty Image

In 2015, Dave Grohl had what must have been one of the least enjoyable experiences of his performing career when he fell off the stage at a Foo Fighters show in Sweden and broke his leg. That said, he also turned it into one his most memorable, as he continued to perform, in a cast and crutches. He didn’t really let the injury sideline him, either. Not only that, but it made for a truly unique concert experience, as he started performing while sitting in an opulent throne in subsequent shows while he recovered.

Last year, Grohl took time during one show to freak fans out a little by faking another fall, but this year, he actually fell again for real. On Wednesday, Foo Fighters performed their first show of the year, at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. A fan gave Grohl a can of beer, which he attempted to put on a speaker and drink while still playing guitar. After that didn’t go so well, Grohl decided to give up on that, and while hopping back on stage, he lost his footing and fell down. It didn’t exactly look like he had a gentle landing, but Grohl quickly bounced up uninjured and continued playing, thankfully having avoided another significant accident.

Watch a fan-shot video of the moment above.