Foo Fighters Tweeted Dave Grohl’s Broken Leg X-Ray, And It’s Just As Nasty As You’d Imagine

Foo Fighters Perform Live In Brisbane
Getty Image / Chris Hyde

We got a look at Dave Grohl’s heroic broken leg concert from Sweden yesterday, but now we can take a look at just how tough it probably was for the Foo Fighters’ frontman to finish the concert. The band posted a photo of Grohl’s x-ray to Twitter and it is certainly not something that is just a slight break. It isn’t too gruesome- but if you hate broken bones altogether, you might want to take precautions:

That looks painful. But rock doesn’t know any pain, right? If Tony Iommi gets his fingers chopped off and continues to have a bad ass career in hard rock, the bar is set high. Grohl is just doing what he needs to do to keep it high and please those audiences.

There’s probably a nice lathering of drugs thrown in there, too, from the hospital. That’s certainly going to help.

(Via Foo Fighters)