Dave Grohl’s Red Solo Cup Is The Surprise Star Of The Grammys

At Monday night’s Grammys festivities, most artists donned expensive designer attire worth more than your monthly paycheck. Of course, some of them purposely schlubbed it up in expensive duds that were designed to look like crud. One man bravely stood out from the crowd, for he brought his genuine self to the event. Who’s that? Dave freaking Grohl, bona fide rock star and nice guy extraordinaire. Grohl sort of dressed up in the sense that he didn’t wear shredded jeans. However, one can bet that his t-shirt and pants were the real deal. Nothing fancy there. No contrived “dressing down” for the people. Grohl pulled this ensemble out of his own damn closet.

In addition, Grohl sported a very special accessory — a red Solo cup. He hung onto that cup and merrily swayed along to the Lionel Richie tribute. What’s in the cup, Grohl?

Grohl is not letting go of that plastic cup tonight. Why? Because no one tells Dave Grohl what to do at a stuffy awards show. And Twitter brought the memes and reactions in spades.

Are you late to the party? So was this guy, but he nails this Grohl moment perfectly.

If anyone deserves a drink, it’s you, Dave.