Dave Navarro Did Not Hide His Feelings About Getting Stuck In An Elevator With Two Random Women


Dave Navarro was on his way to a 9 a.m. appearance on the Opie with Jim Norton show at the Sirius XM New York City office, when the elevator he was taking got stuck between the 27th and 37th floors. But if being trapped in a confined space for more than an hour wasn’t bad enough, Navarro had the misfortune of being trapped with two non-famous women, and — the horror — was forced to listen to their everyday, banal conversations while waiting to be rescued.

Navarro documented his displeasure with the situation on Instagram, where he posted the above video capturing a snippet of the ladies’ conversation and his silent “oh my god” reaction to it. He later captioned “this is what hell is like” on the image below.



We get it, Dave, maybe getting stuck with a couple of basics wasn’t your cup of tea. But on the flip side of the coin, maybe these ladies aren’t fans of heavily tattooed dudes who wear eyeliner, and quite frankly think you sold out when you started doing reality television.

Thankfully, Navarro’s long national nightmare was soon over — thanks to the New York Fire Department, who he posed for pictures with following his rescue. And he even made it to Opie with Jim Norton after all was said and done because, if nothing else, this guy is clearly a trooper!



(Via Page Six)

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