David Bowie Just Broke Adele’s Impressive Music Video Record

adele bowie
RCA Records/Getty Images

On Oct. 23, 2015, the day “Hello” said hi to the world, Adele’s Vevo page received more than 36 million views. That smashed a one-day record previously held by Taylor Swift (to put 36 million into context: That’s the most-watched episode of The Walking Dead, TV’s highest-rated show, times two). Unless Miley Cyrus made out with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt while The Rock and Margot-Robbie-as-Harley Quinn watched, and also there’s some music in there, one-upping Adele seemed next to impossible.

David Bowie broke it by more than 10 million.

The Thin White Duke’s catalog drew 51 million views on Vevo on Jan. 11, a new one-day high-mark for any artist on the streaming music platform. “Lazarus” was the most-watched video with 11.1 million views, according to Vevo, which hosts more than 60 videos spanning Bowie’s illustrious career. (Via)

The least popular, at least on Vevo’s YouTube page for Bowie: An advertisement for his A Reality Tour concert film. It’s always interesting to see which songs people listen to when someone great is gone, or when an iconic band is finally added to Spotify. For Bowie, it’s been tracks from his most recent album, and a lot of love for “Life on Mars” and “Changes.” Meanwhile, if “Teenage Wildlife” was on Vevo, half the views would be mine.

(Via Billboard)