David Crosby Really, Really Doesn’t Like Punk Rock: It Has ‘No Musical Value At All’

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It’s understandable that you might not “get” or even like some of the music made by the generation or generations that came after you. Still, given some time and space, many people come to appreciate some of the innovations by the next group of artists to rising in their wake. 1960s folk rock icon David Crosby is not one of those people.

As is his habit, Croz took some questions from the general public today, offering his unfiltered take on a wide variety of different topics. Some brave soul decided to ask for his opinion about punk rock and the singer was not having any of it.

Another user brought up a litany of some of the greatest punk bands and musicians of all-time, The Clash, The Stooges, The Buzzcocks, The Descendants, even The Ramones, all of whom Crosby dismissed as, “Pretty much all dumb stuff,” with “No musical value at all and mostly childish lyrics.”

When someone pointed out that childish lyrics were actually the point, Crosby wasn’t hearing it.

Then the kicker: Patti Smith. A poet and peer of Bruce Springsteen. An acolyte of Rimbaud. Surely, Croz had to appreciate the woman who created Horses right? Nah.

It wasn’t all sour takes today however. There were a multitude of artists that the singer did deign to show some love, including Alison Krauss and James Taylor.

Don’t even get him started about hip-hop though.