Coi Leray Goes On A Skate Date With DDG And OG Parker In Their Slick ‘Impatient’ Video

Two emerging talents join forces in the skating rink-set video for DDG and OG Parker’s “Impatient” video, as the rapper-producer team links up with “No More Parties” viral virtuoso Coi Leray for a slick, nostalgic clip that brings to mind the roller resurgence of the mid-2000s. Shot by Reel Goats, the video opens on a sweeping shot of the roller rink exterior straight out of ATL, as young people gather and socialize outside before heading inside for some blacklight-washed laps around the rink.

Coi Leray plays an attention-grabbing newcomer who joins DDG on the parquet for a couple’s skate as they perform their respective verses. They also shoot a dance video off the skate floor, turning the video into a quasi-TikTok post and setting the song up for potential viral hit status, should the dance catch on.

Both artists know a bit about that: Coi’s last two big singles started out as favorites on the youth-focused app; while “No More Parties” brought her mainstream acclaim, the Pooh Shiesty-featuring “Big Purr” turned its title into a social media catchphrase. Additionally, Coi co-stars in the video for another TikTok hit, Mooski’s “Track Star.” Meanwhile, DDG’s “Moonwalking In Calabasas” likewise backs a number of videos while racking up millions of views in various incarnations on YouTube.

Watch DDG and OG Parker’s “Impatient” video featuring Coi Leray above.