Deadmau5 Has The Oddest Street Race In His And The Neptunes’ Animated ‘Pomegranate’ Video

Pharrell and Chad Hugo announced their reunion as The Neptunes at the top of 2020, saying they were collaborating with Jay-Z and Lil Uzi Vert. It turns out those two weren’t the only artists the pair was working with. In May, they linked up with Deadmau5 for “Pomegranate,” a sunny single that spawned from recording sessions at The Neptunes’ Criteria Recording Studios back in December. Now they have shared an animated visual for the track.

Director and animator Nick DenBoer has been working on the clip for two months, and it serves as a creative way to make a quarantine-friendly video during the pandemic. The clip opens with Deadmau5 in his tricked-out car, lining up for a street race against other animated characters. He activates “leg mode” on his car, taking his time getting off the starting line after the race began. From there, though, the ever-shifting vehicle takes to the sky outer space and beyond.

Ahead of the video, Deadmau5 and DenBoer hosted a live Q&A, in which DenBoer shared some trivia about the clip, like the fact that Hugo and Pharrell were originally going to be depicted as themselves, instead of represented by the planet Neptune.

Watch the “Pomegranate” video above.