Deante’ Hitchcock Aims To One-Up Drake’s ‘Scary Hours 2’ Track ‘What’s Next’ With A Witty Freestyle

Deante’ Hitchcock hasn’t announced a follow-up to his excellent 2020 debut album Better yet, but it looks like he’s got his eye on ensuring a bigger, more attention-getting rollout this time around. The Atlanta rapper has spent the last two weeks raising his profile by rapping on other artists’ hits as part of his #NewAtlantaTuesdays initiative and on his latest, he aims to one-up one of the biggest artists out: Drake. Hijacking the beat from Drake’s Scary Hours 2 single “What’s Next,” Hitchcock delivers a witty freestyle showcasing his clever wordplay and relentless flow.

The video accompanying the freestyle takes a similar lighthearted-but-competitive tack, depicting a neighborhood Nerf gun shootout with Hitchcock and his friends. They definitely seem to be having a blast in the video, as does Deante on the track as he snaps off slick lines like “Tell Charmin I’m on a roll and I did this sh*t off the dome / Ain’t signing to TDE, but I got Top on the phone.”

Deante’s last #NewAtlantaTuesdays freestyle found him imitating Tupac and doing the TikTok Junebug Challenge as he rapped to SpottemGotem’s “BeatBox” after capping his stellar 2020 with a live version of Better.

Watch Deante Hitchcock’s “What’s Next” Freestyle above.