Demi Lovato Hosts A Sexy, Spit-Swapping Party In Her ‘Cool For The Summer’ Video

If there’s one thing we’ve taken away from Demi Lovato in the past, it’s that she thankfully doesn’t take herself too seriously. We got a taste of that earlier this month when she totally ate floor while performing near a slippery pool. But now, we’re seeing a brand new side of Demi that we really haven’t before, and it’s definitely dipping into foxy territory.

When her single “Cool for the Summer” dropped a month ago, it had already been a tempting track with lyrics like, “Got my mind on your body and your body on my mind / Got a taste for the cherry, I just need to take a bite.” But the new clip dropping today manifests that curiosity into a sexy and sassy clip that most would definitely daydream about.

The clip also serves as a coming out party of sorts. Demi has long been open about her body issues and wanting to be a role model for accepting yourself, but she recently has definitely amped up the sex appeal. While it probably means nothing, and accepting yourself is about you thinking you’re hot from within and not letting others validate you, we’ll just add to the chorus. You can make as many videos like this as you’d like.