Denmark Found A Way To Bring In-Person Concerts Back During The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has necessitated a change in lifestyles across the world. Big events in shared spaces where people are packed in close proximity aren’t a thing anymore, so the world is adapting. As cinemas everywhere are closed, drive-in movie theaters are experiencing a bit of a renaissance. It’s the perfect idea for these times, and now somebody in Denmark has finally applied it to the concert space as well: Danish musician Mads Langer recently hosted an honest-to-goodness, in-person concert, but instead of fans crowding in in front of the stage, the attendees were all in their cars, parked in front of it.

On the outskirts of Aarhus (Denmark’s second-largest city), Langer put up a stage and performed a sold-out show; In this case, “sold out” was 500 tickets, since there’s less room for people at a drive-in concert. The show’s audio was transmitted on FM radio, so attendees could hear things well in their cars. Additionally, fans could also interact with Langer via a Zoom call.

Logistically, it seems like things went pretty well, as local police told Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, “There are only positive messages from our people on the spot. It has been controlled. People have behaved the way they should, and all the cars were out of place within half an hour.”

Now, we wait for At The Drive-In to reunite.