Desiigner Fell Off A Stage Onto James Harden During A Performance In Las Vegas

Sitting front row at an NBA game can be a risky proposition, as anyone who has ever watched a player dive for a loose ball can attest. This past three-day weekend, though, one NBA player had the opportunity to “enjoy” the experience from the other end, when a rapper got too close to the edge of a stage and wound up landing on him. TMZ shared video of the Monday-night performance gone wrong, which you can see in the video below.

Brooklyn rapper Desiigner, best known for his 2015 hit “Panda,” was delivering one of his signature, exuberant performances at Jewel Nightclub in Las Vegas when he apparently missteps toward the edge of the admittedly tiny stage, falls, and lands on Houston Rockets guard James Harden. Harden was reportedly keeping it low-key in the club, entering in a hoodie and generally avoiding the spotlight. Desiigner apparently found out he was there and let the crowd know before launching into a bouncy performance of “Panda.” As he leaned into one of his moves, though, you can see him lose his balance and go toppling into the unsuspecting NBA player.

Given how much falling Harden does in-game himself, it’s unlikely anything was hurt. In any event, Harden probably had a great weekend, all things considered. He and Team LeBron won the NBA All-Star Game and he’s got the rest of the week off to recuperate from his night out before NBA action starts up again.

Watch Desiigner’s Beard-cushioned crash landing above.