Desiigner May Have Flashed A Couple During An Argument And Now Police Want Proof

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When Desiigner first came on the scene, the Brooklyn rapper was happy-go-lucky. His ceaseless energy was a spectacle, but ultimately his positivity made him an endearing figure – despite constant talk that he sounded too much like Future on his breakout “Panda” record. Desiigner looked poised to thrive regardless of detractors, releasing more music and making inroads in the industry with artists like Snoop Dogg. Lately, however, it seems like Desiigner’s been a little more agitated now that his honeymoon period in the rap game is over.

Last year, he posted a video in which he showed off his LA home. What should have been a happy moment was marred by his defensive demeanor. That may have been in the mode he was in recently when he got into it in New York. We don’t have full details of the incident, but we have a video of him accosting a couple for a brief scuffle. There’s a bizarre moment where he motions toward his crotch. According to TMZ, the NYPD is subpoenaing businesses in the area of the altercation to see if Desiigner actually exposed himself to the couple, which would likely be at least a public indecency charge. This wouldn’t be Desiigner’s first brush with the law, as he incurred drugs and weapon charges which were dropped in 2016.

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