Die Antwoord Mock Eminem For Mispronouncing Their Name With A Homophobic Rhyme

Eminem has long been known as an ambitious slant rhymer. He’s also prone to referencing other acts in on songs, usually in controversial fashion. On his recent “Untouchable” track, those two traits converged. The intense track about systemic racism was no doubt created to be a major talking point on the reportedly “heavily anti-TrumpRevival album that’s due December 15, but Em probably didn’t expect the hoopla to stem from his mispronunciation of Die Antwoord.

He made an example of the South African hip-hop duo on the track, noting that “I’d rather hear ’em say ‘die n-word’ than Die Antwoord/ Ninja, now it’s better disguised banter.” Eminem was referencing the inherent racism of group member Yolandi Visser wearing blackface in the group’s 2012 “Fatty Boom Boom” video, as well as the other member’s stage name of “Ninja” — as a white male.

Instead of challenging Eminem’s notion that they were guilty of racism, Yolandi Visser took to Instagram on Saturday to offer the correct pronunciation of Die Antwoord. Visser made a second post later that day asking him “how would you feel if I called you e-eminem,” before Ninja freestyled “E-eminem went to jail and got a bit of semen in his bum and was never seen again.”

Though it sounds like the kind of line Eminem would have rhymed himself 15 years ago, it’s still wack — and telling of the group’s moral compass — to deflect from claims of racism with homophobia.

They have yet to answer for their use of Blackface or appropriation of other cultures, but at least the duo now has another story about a star to go along with their oft-told recollection of being at Kanye’s house once.