Diplo Trolls Fans With His Own Bizarre McDonald’s Meal

McDonald’s hit a home run with its Travis Scott meal, leading the way for the fast-food giant to collaborate with another popular artist in J. Balvin. But while the meals are a source of confusion for some folks — including the McDonald’s employees who have to hawk the variations on their usual menu items — there are some who apparently feel the gimmicky meals are too mundane to warrant the hubbub. Enter Diplo, who posted his vision of his own meal and apparently thought adding barbecue sauce to the french fries just wasn’t weird enough.

“Coming soon,” he tweeted ominously, sharing a photo of a monstrous sandwich alongside a description that makes it sound more stomachache-inducing than hunger-satisfying. The “Diplo Mad Decent Breakfast Meal” apparently consists of a Fillet-O-Fish sandwich inside an Egg McMuffin with extra sauce. This concoction purports to only be 965 calories, which was fans’ first indication that ol’ Thomas might just be having a laugh.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that the whole screenshot looked quite PhotoShop fresh, but that didn’t stop them from joining in on the joke. As one account gibed, “Travis Scott: I ADDED BACON TO A BURGER I’M AMAZING! Diplo: Hold my beer.”

Enjoy some of the best replies below and McDonald’s: You know what to do. Let’s get WEIRD.