Dirty Projectors’ New Music Video With Dawn Richard Is A Glitzy Boomerang Clip

The stuttering, tropical track “Cool Your Heart” is one of the highlights of Dirty Projectors’ upcoming self-titled album. And now it has a stammering, start-stop music video to match. David Longstreth and former Danity Kane member/current Future R&B standout Dawn Richard jerk and loop their way through the track like a big-budget version of Boomerang.

The tracks odd and smooth vibes come from more than just the presence of the Redemption singer in the guest slot. Longstreth wrote “Heart” with the help of Solange in between sessions while the duo were working on A Seat At The Table. The video is the third from the album, following the lonesome “Little Bubble” and the intimate “Keep Your Name.”

The group has also shared the cringe-y epic “Up In Hudson,” a seven-minute airing out of the entirety of his relationship with former bandmate Amber Coffman. All four of the songs share an unfiltered and voyeuristic feel, getting far too close to Longstreth’s pain. And Longstreth being that open bothered him until he worked with Kanye West.

“It just felt like the natural thing to do. There was a bit of ‘the only way past is through,’” he said. “One thing I feel like I learned from spending a little bit of time in the room with Kanye is how important is to him to listen with people; you get that osmotic thing going on of being able to hear the music through somebody else’s ears and get a sense of how they’re responding to it. It’s something I saw Kanye do a whole lot…This is all personal for me and heartbreaking and sad stuff and some of it kind of feels private. But in listening to the album with people like [Vampire Weekend’s] Ezra [Koenig] and other musicians you come to realize everybody goes through this stuff.”

Dirty Projectors is out February 24 via Domino.