Listen To Disturbed Cover Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound Of Silence’

Ironic juxtaposition in cover songs has a storied tradition in the world of music. You’ve got your white guys doing soft rock takes on gangsta rap songs. You’ve got your punk covers of pop songs. Now, you can add Disturbed to the list of bands who have decided to perform a cover of classic Simon and Garfunkel song “The Sound of Silence.”

You may remember Disturbed from their hit “Down with the Sickness,” which, fittingly enough, was once covered in a lounge music style. Like many heavy metal bands, they were unable to stay in the limelight, but they have pressed on with a solid career and a devoted fan base. They recently released their sixth album, Immortalized, their first in five years, which includes the cover.

Now, you may think that Disturbed would really crank it up, providing a humorously loud take on a song called “The Sound of Silence.” However, the cover is actually a somewhat earnest take on the original. They don’t weigh it down with sludgy guitars, or even that much rocking. If not for the vocals, you might not even know this was being done by a heavy metal band. That may not give Disturbed fans what they want, but at least it isn’t a cheap joke.