DJ Khaled Is Readying A ‘Crazy’ New Collaboration With Drake

DJ Khaled might only be 46 years old, but the DJ, producer, and all-around hip-hop mogul is already a legend. A curator of taste and vibes, there’s no one like Khaled when it comes to orchestrating the perfect collaboration. And it sounds like he’s done it again — ever the business man, during his own birthday party, Khaled let the crowd know that a new collaboration with Drake is about to drop. “I got some new music with Drake coming out real soon,” he said. “This sh*t sounds crazy too. The vocals are in!”

Caught on camera opening up a lavish present — a Rolex complete with green diamonds — Khaled jokes around with Drake on FaceTime (subtle flex right there) about the luxurious gift, then decides to let the whole crowd know how deep his connection with Drizzy goes. I suppose the perfect way to ring in your own birthday is by celebrating business ventures, but it’s still funny to see Khaled get so worked up about new music during a personal event. Check out the clips from the party in the tweets above, and definitely keep an ear out for whatever this DJ and Drake are going to be dropping on us soon.