DJ Khaled, HER, And Migos Get Marooned In Their Dragon-Infested ‘We Going Crazy’ Video

If you were ever fell asleep on the couch watching TBS and had a dream combining Castaway, Pirates Of The Caribbean, and The Hobbit, it might look something like the video for DJ Khaled’s latest Khaled Khaled single “We Going Crazy.” The Jamaica-filmed video opens with a shipwreck that finds Khaled and his costars HER and Migos marooned on a tropical island littered with luxury goods, including watches, sneakers, and bottles of Ciroc.

After building themselves a shelter and feasting on shellfish, the newly island rich protagonists hold a banquet in a cave with pirate skeletons (and the extant treasures with which they were buried) and follow the pirates’ map to an underground mountain of gold — which is protected by a massive, Smaug-like dragon, naturally. There’s a lot more product placement and eventually, Khaled buys a helicopter(!?) to get them off the island, signing off with his signature catchphrase: “Another one.” Indeed.

Fire and tropical islands appear to be a running theme with this album’s rollout, as the videos for the Lil Wayne and Jeremih-featuring “Thankful,” Lil Baby and Lil Durk collaboration “Every Chance I Get,” and the all-star reggae jam “Where You Come From” all prominently feature at least one or the other. In fact, only “Sorry Not Sorry” with Jay-Z and Nas excludes flames and beach scenery — although if they want to film a remix video, I’m sure neither artist would be opposed.

Watch DJ Khaled’s “We Going Crazy” video featuring HER and Migos above.

Khaled Khaled is out now via We The Best / Epic Records. Get it here.