Bill Hader And Fred Armisen Released A Full Album For Their ‘Documentary Now!’ Band Test Pattern

A proper “new” Talking Heads album isn’t coming in this or any other millennia, but that’s fine. We have Test Pattern. Bless you, Test Pattern.

Yes, Fred Armisen and Bill Hader’s critically adored art-pop outfit from Documentary Now! has provided the globe with the gift of all of Test Pattern’s tunes in one place. It’s essentially a natural spinoff on the program’s take/homage/spoof of Stop Making Sense and the tunes hold up without the visuals. Final Transmission boasts eight tracks, including such numbers as “Art + Student,” “I’m Alert To Sound,” and “Everybody’s Moving Around.” A bit of stage banter is melted over this delightful assortment of tunes which should sit nicely next to Ian Rubbish & The Bizarros and Blue Jean Committee in your record collection.

(Note: You may want to recategorize your record collection because alphabetical is the most sensible way to go. We apologize for our brash disregard for how to effectively keep track of where you records are.)

The album (coupled with some sly art) is now available for the binging on SoundCloud. Ideally, this is all building to a full-on Tom Tom Club parody in the not to distant future, but any ol’ musical output from Armisen and Hader is cool by us.

(Via Consequence Of Sound)