Doja Cat’s Carefree ‘Bottom B*tch’ Video Shows Off Her Skate Skills

Doja Cat‘s latest music video, “Bottom B*tch,” opts for a “less-is-more” approach. A few hours before the “Bottom B*tch” video uploaded, Doja kept her “preview” tweet simple: “Hey Twitter(,) F*ck you,” she wrote.

The video starts with an establishing shot of “Bottom B*tch” graffitied on a wall. Doja mocks the art by spray-painting male genitals over “Bottom B*tch” before running away. Now in the setting of a quiet suburban neighborhood, the video picks up tracking of Doja’s crew of women, 20-somethings of all nationalities, on skateboards with Doja in the rear. Doja jumps into the catchy chorus while gliding down the street with her posse: “Oooh; That’s my chick, on her pimp, she my flip,” Doja says. “Oooh; don’t forget that’s my chick, she my bottom b*tch.”

The video cuts through shots of Doja and friends riding around town eating cheeseballs, chilling at the mall with skateboards, and overall enjoying each other’s company before heading to Doja’s house for a punk-rock jam session. The video ends in a gnarly way, with Doja and friends at a rager performing.

“Bottom B*tch” is expected to be part of Doja’s second album Hot Pink, which the rapper teased would be releasing in November.