Doja Cat Jokes That She’s Been Canceled ‘Maybe 350 Times’

Doja Cat recently flexed her multifaceted talent on her album Planet Her. But just over a year ago, people on the internet were calling for her to quit music entirely. Fans on Twitter were rushing to cancel the singer after old, insensitive videos of her surfaced in chatrooms with reported members of the alt-right/incel community. The singer apologized, but wasn’t fazed by the controversy as she’s apparently used to getting canceled.

Doja Cat recently sat down for an interview with Big Boy, where she discussed her album, a recent mishap at the dentist, and her celebrity crush (Reggie Watts.) But when Big Boy asked how many times she thinks she’s been canceled on the internet, the singer joked that it’s happened “maybe 350 times:”

“Starting from age 6 to age 25, maybe 350 times. My mom cancels me, my brother cancels me, my schoolmates canceled me — everybody cancels me. I cancel me, my boyfriends have canceled me. Not in a way where it’s like a huge political down power of something crazy that I did. It’s just, canceling is a fight on the internet, and that’s how I see it. It’s a fight for something and I’ve been in pressure where I feel like I’ve had to fight. And I’ve done that my whole life, so anything that happens, I come right out the other side just okay.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Doja sang The Weeknd’s praise over their “You Right” collaboration, saying he was the “sweetest” artist she’s ever worked with. “He’s a good friend of mine. He’s like part of my family, I feel like,” she said about the singer. “We met maybe two or three years ago. But he’s the sweetest artist I ever collaborated with—no shade to anybody else. But he is top notch, the sweetest person, and brilliant, very talented.”

Watch Doja Cat’s full interview with Big Boy above.

Planet Her is out now via Kemosabe/RCA. Get it here.