Doja Cat Thinks Fans Look At Female Rappers Like They’re ‘Less Than Smart’

As female rappers continue to gain in popularity, more of them have spoken out about the unfair perceptions facing women in hip-hop. Cardi B recently addressed the double standard that follows them, saying in essence that they must work twice as hard for half the respect, a sentiment that up-and-coming rapper Latto co-signed a few weeks later.

In a new interview for Nick Cannon’s show on LA’s Power 106, Doja Cat also fielded questions about why she believes women face these obstacles. “When you dress up like you are going on a night out in Miami… People will put you in a category and for them to be comfortable, they’ll make it seem like you are not very smart, you are just a girl who is just a rapper,” she said. “You don’t have a great sense of humor maybe, or you’re stuck up… like female rappers are vapid or less than smart, I feel that’s how they’re looked at.”

Incidentally, it seemed that the interview itself simply affirmed her outlook, as she later tweeted, “If you’re gonna interview musicians try to ask them about their music,” highlighting how Cannon’s line of questioning apparently ignored the fact she has a new album, Planet Her, which peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and spawned the singles “Kiss Me More” with SZA and “You Right” with The Weeknd, as well as a deluxe edition featuring Eve’s first rapping appearance since Missy Elliott’s 2017 “I’m Better” remix.

Watch Doja Cat’s interview with Nick Cannon above.