Doja Cat Dropped Her Hard-Hitting Track ‘Harley’ After Some Convincing From Fans

Doja Cat‘s break-out arrived in 2019, as the rapper dropped her sophomore LP Hot Pink in April along with some racy videos and a jump to the mainstream. But Doja didn’t wait long before releasing new music. The rapper previously teased the track “Harley” on social media and fans have been asking Doja to drop it ever since. Finally, the rapper appeased the cries for new music by releasing “Harley” on SoundCloud on Saturday.

Before releasing “Harley,” Doja hopped on Twitter to let fans know something was in the works. “just incase yall thought i dipped out for a bit,” she wrote on Twitter along with a close-up photo of her face. “I’m still here, peasants. Mama’s cookin.”

Hours later, the rapper debuted “Harley” on SoundCloud. “i should put the lyrics but i wont,” she wrote in the song’s description. The single’s artworks shows Doja’s cropped face from her previous tweet photoshopped on a biker’s body, complete with a thick mustache and aviator sunglasses. The rapper added the tag “mustache music” to the track.

The track itself boasts a blown-out beat and Doja’s signature witty lyricism. “Hit the stage, a b*tch know the words / Doj wrote the verse, I been overworked / Gotta pop the bottle, gon’ hit the throttle / One sip Moscato, make the motor purr,” she raps.

Listen to Doja Cat’s “Harley” above.

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