Doja Cat Has Another Hot 100 Hit Thanks To TikTok’s ‘Silhouette Challenge’

Doja Cat may not enjoy TikTok quite as much as she used to, but it looks like users on the app can’t get enough of her 2019 album Hot Pink. After TikTok members helped turn the album’s song “Say So” into Doja Cat’s first No. 1 hit single, they’ve revitalized another album cut, “Streets,” thanks to the risque “Silhouette Challenge.” According to Billboard, the song entered the Hot 100 in January and has since jumped to No. 25.

The challenge incorporates Paul Anka’s 1959 “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” and Doja’s “Streets” into a quick-change video in which women (and men! and couples!) wear baggy clothes, often looking like they’re ready for bed, before the video slam-cuts to the subjects posing in silhouette form either nude or in lingerie with a deep red filter obscuring the NSFW bits. The switch is similar to that of the Buss It Challenge that uses Dallas rapper Erica Banks‘ song of the same name, although the song switch is actually built into “Buss It.” That song also hit the Hot 100 as a result of its TikTok popularity.

The original sound was cooked up by user Giulia Di Nicolantonio and the hashtag #SilhouetteChallenge has accumulated 217 million views while infiltrating other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Numerous celebrities, including Tiffany Haddish and Common, have posted variations of the trend, and even Doja has considered returning to TikTok to post her silhouette to her own song. Check out Doja Cat’s response to the challenge and a few examples below.