Doja Cat And Tyga Perform ‘Juicy’ During Her ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ Debut

Doja Cat’s second album Hot Pink released last week, and this week, Doja brought Tyga with her to make her Late Night With Seth Meyers debut. The duo performed “Juicy,” the final track on Doja’s 12-track album

Playing on the song’s title, Doja starts her performance behind two backup dancers with lemon slices on their heads. As they glide out of the way, Doja appears in a watermelon one-piece, with her left leg exposed. In true Doja fashion, Doja’s hair is pink, resembling watermelon as well. Doja fronts the performance with the help of her “lemonhead” backup dancers until Tyga shows up. Appearing at the 1:42 mark, Tyga spends his verse worshipping Doja’s features on stage, while talking her up in his actual verse. As soon as his verse is up, Tyga exits the stage, leaving Doja to close out the performance herself.

Before releasing Hot Pink, Doja released a trio of songs, with “Bottom B*tch, “Rules,” and “Cyber Sex.” All three songs received videos as well. Tyga, on the other hand, completed his musical comeback last month by securing the bag in a multi-million deal with Columbia Records.

Hot Pink, which debuted at No. 93 on the Billboard 200, is out now via RCA. Stream the 12-song album here.