Donald Glover Has A Problem With People Comparing Lil Dicky’s ‘Dave’ To ‘Atlanta’

Ever since Lil Dicky’s FX series Dave premiered last year, it drew instant and bountiful comparisons to Donald Glover’s show Atlanta. Indeed, there are obvious major parallels: Both shows are made by rapper/comedians, they’re both about what it’s like to be a rapper, and they both air on FX. The two were also paired together in headlines last year when Dave passed Atlanta to become FX’s most-watched comedy series ever. So, while many people put the shows on similar ground. Glover (aka Childish Gambino) is tired of it.

In a now-deleted tweet shared yesterday, Glover took exception to the Atlanta/Dave comparisons, writing, “and just for the record, im watching yall saying ‘dave’ is on par. like yall forgot what we did. no disrespect.” he quickly added, “we got black people on here debating which is better, and IM the sellout?”

In a New York Times interview from this summer, Dicky said he doesn’t think the two shows are that alike: “I’m a big fan of that show, I think it’s a great show. I feel like they’re very different shows.” When the interviewer responded, “I can’t think of two more similar shows,” Dicky replied, “That’s crazy. When I hear it, I don’t feel offended I feel complimented.” He continued, “I think they’re very different. I think our show is trying to be funny — a lot more jokes. Theirs is just the tonal brilliance. I see them as different shows.”