This Dude Busted Out An Impromptu Dr. Dre Piano Mashup, And It Was Spectacular

With Straight Outta Compton riding high in theaters for the second weekend in a row, Dr. Dre is on everyone’s mind. This is especially the case, it seems, in a random Arizona bar where a patron plopped down at the piano. Perhaps he could have pumped out a drunken version of “Heart and Soul” or some soothing Chopin but, instead, the man truly delivered. These rap tunes play surprisingly well on the keys, and the dude hammered the songs out with feeling.

While his fellow punters sat by in a mixture of joy and disbelief, the guy proceeded to bust out several Dr. Dre songs in a seamless medley. The performance was oh-so-random, which only heightens the viral appeal of this video. Within the mashup, some spot-on versions of “Still Dre” and “What’s the Difference” appeared.

This guy has quite a gift. Perhaps he can pitch a bar-oriented tour with this routine, but the spontaneous effect is what makes this video ultra appealing. The clip is fast approaching the half-million mark after one day, which isn’t half-bad for a vertical video shot by someone who’s (presumably) tossed back a few Jägermeister shots.

Next time, though? A little “F*ck Tha Police” couldn’t hurt.

P.S. The video was uploaded by Paul Germain, a digital producer and buddy of Morris Rahbar, the man on the piano. Rahbar just happens to be a classically trained pianist, who composes and teaches piano in LA. He certainly made the day of his fellow bar patrons.