Drake Officially Confirms The ‘Certified Lover Boy’ Release Date And It’s Very Soon

Last week, it looked like Drake finally announced the release date for his upcoming album Certified Lover Boy: Some cryptic video popped up on ESPN’s SportsCenter that all but confirmed that the album is set for release this Friday, September 3. Now, the time for speculation is over, as we now know for sure that Certified Lover Boy is indeed set for September 3.

Drake confirmed the news with an Instagram post this morning. The image features a 4-by-4 grid of pregnant woman emojis, in varying skin tones and hair and clothing colors, and he took to the caption to announce the date.

The album has been pretty much ready to go for at least a month now, as Drake noted in July, “Album’s ready… album’s cooked, looking forward to delivering it to you. Certified Lover Boy on the way and that’s for anyone in the way.”

We don’t know much about the album yet, but it appears Lil Baby is set to appear on it. Not only that, but he’s actually going to put effort into his contributions, as he said recently, “I don’t really care what I say on a song, you feel me? I just freestyle. But with Drake, I be trying to think about it. And that’s what makes it harder for me ’cause like, I’m thinking. When I don’t even think, I just rap. So then like, ’cause it’s Drake, I get kind of like, damn… So I gotta make sure.”