Drake Finally Gets Halle Berry’s Attention

Getty Image

It took some time, but Halle Berry is finally acknowledging Drake’s existence three years after Papi eloquently declared he was trying to give the 50-year-old actress a baby and that no one would be able to stop him on Migos’ “Versace.”

Halle Instagrammed an artsy-fartsy shot of her ginormous rings and referenced Drake and Future’s 2015 bop, “Big Rings,” She captioned the quick snap: “We need some really nice things. We need some really big ring.” The Academy-award winner also tagged Drake in the picture to let everyone know it’s real, per the rules in subtweeting chapter of official Social Media Handbook. Honestly, the only interesting thing about this non-story here is that Halle Berry turns up to Drake and Future. Oh, what a time, indeed!

The gorgeous beauty is no stranger to being name-dropped by rappers. At last count, Halle has heard her name mentioned in at least eight different rap songs, including Kendrick Lamar’s “Money Trees.” Like Nia Long, Halle’s flattered by all the attention. “I always think that it’s so funny, the actress revealed a few years back. “It always makes me smile and I think “Wow! That’s so cool that they do that.” It’s all fun and games until her kids are old enough to hear and understand that every rapper wanted to boink their mom.