Drake Added A Massive Portrait Of Lil Wayne To His Already Expansive Tattoo Collection

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On the More Life cut “Gyalchester,” Drake raps “Tat on my ribs, like I do not know what permanent is,” and it seems like typical Drake bragging, but it’s also a telling look into the man’s mentality on tattoos. He clearly isn’t too concerned with the whole “permanent” part of tattoos, as he is rich and coverups and removals are probably like going to the store to buy a Pepsi for him. As such, tats have kind of become a thing for Drizzy, as he’s added a ton of noteworthy and kind of odd permanent ink to his body, including a tattoos of Sade, Aaliyah, a homage to Skepta and a bunch of other random splotches of ink that seem like he spun a wheel or tossed a dart at a board when deciding what to get.

Well Drake’s latest tat is sure to get a rise out of some people, as he seems to have placed a portrait of his mentor Lil Wayne on his arm. Can you see it here?

How about now?

To be fair, that’s nothing compared to the Drake fan that got his name tattooed across her forehead, or the other fan that got his album title on his neck, but it’s pretty bold.

Granted, Wayne is clearly someone important to Drake’s life, as he is the man largely credited with giving Drake the chance to be Drake, and the 6 God has paid homage in many ways, including in song and on social media. None of that tops the massive tattoo, even if Drake does not know what permanent is. Now it’s time to get that Celine Dion tattoo he told her he wanted to get.