Drake Meets The Infamous Originator Of The Inescapable ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge Dance

Drake’s new single “In My Feelings” has replaced its closest antecedent from Scorpion atop the Billboard Hot 100, largely propelled by the virulence of the infamous “Shiggy dance” that accompanied the social media #InMyFeelingsChallenge bonanza of fan-made videos featuring people hopping out of their cars to bust a move to the City Girls-featuring bounce track. Drake himself honored the challenge’s creator, Instagram comedian Shaquille Mitchell, who goes by Shiggy on the popular app.

Shiggy met up with Drake at a club in Los Angeles and got to perform his outrageously popular dance for the man himself, an event which both posted on their respective Instagrams. Shiggy seemed jubilant, jibing Drake with a good-natured stinger: “I ran into the n—- that owe me a check.” Drake amiably chimed in: “No. 1 sh*t!”

The Shiggy dance rapidly took over Instagram and Twitter after Mitchell posted his video with the self-made hashtags #DoTheShiggy and #InMyFeelingsChallenge. It was seen and by celebrities like Odell Beckham Jr., Ciara and Russell Wilson, and in perhaps the best rendition, Will Smith. Soon, it had quickly filled the feeds of just about every user, as the irresistible TrapMoneyBenny beat, sampled from Magnolia Shorty’s bounce remix of Jadakiss’ “Smoking Gun” prompted fans of every age to show off their moves.

“In My Feelings” is the third No. 1 single from Scorpion, which shattered streaming records since its release, after “Nice For What” and “God’s Plan.” Scorpion is out now via OVO Sound/Young Money.